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World Burger Contest

Awards ceremony The 20th of January 2023 at 05:30 PM


  • Traditional award - Julien Chauvenet
  • Young talent award - Raïs Boumara 
  • Favourite award - Julien Chauvenet
  • Vegetable award - Julien Chauvenet 
  • Sweet burger award - Lionel Ravel
  • First place - Julien Chauvenet
  • Second place - Louis-Gautier Lepers
  • Third place - Lionel Ravel

The bar is set high for this competition, which promotes all food sectors, from breeders/producers to professional gastronomy talents, as well as supply trades and craftsmen/merchants.

Local seasonal products, originality, creativity, eco-responsibility and anti-waste will be the key words of this contest.
Each candidate will be accompanied by a young gastronomic talent to assist him in the realization of his recipes.

Sponsored this year by Chef Christian Têtedoie, the World Burger Contest promotes authentic and tasty cuisine, inviting its candidates to focus on simple burgers, perfectly made with quality ingredients, masterful cooking, delicate seasonings and elegant presentation.

Candidates will demonstrate their talent during this competition by presenting their 3 gourmet creations in front of an exceptional jury.
May the best win!



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