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Kiss The Ground Restaurant

The Sirha Cuisine Kiss The Ground restaurant is the result of a collaboration between Sirha Food, the Paul Bocuse Institute and its students, and the architect Sébastien GOUJET. Kiss The Ground was conceived as a journey into a utopian future, an interpretation of the future through the prism of cuisine, food and techniques. Kiss The Ground invites you to take a step back from our world, to go to Mars to become aware of the scarcity and fragility of the earth's elements. Enjoy a unique and innovative meal.  

Partners :

Kiss The Ground's partners were fully involved and embraced the immersion by proposing bespoke products : the furniture is made to measure, the decor is inspired by the rocky, reddish and mysterious environment of the planet Mars. In collaboration with kitchen equipment manufacturers, the kitchen has been designed to be as cutting edge and responsible as possible to create a committeengaged and forward-looking menu in contrast with the decor imagined by the Institut Paul Bocuse.  

Sirha Cuisine Kiss The Ground is an immersive, conscious and well-considered restaurant. It is the result of the combined ideas and knowledge of the many parties involved to create an awake restaurant.


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