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8th International Catering Cup

Awards ceremony The 19th of January 2023 at 05:30 PM


  • 1st : USA
  • 2nd : France
  • 3rd : Czech Republic


What is the International Catering Cup?  

This internationally renowned competition brings together professionals from all over the world to compare their talents and crown the best of them in the plural profession of catering. Having become a reference since its creation in 2008, the ICC defends and shares creativity and innovation at the heart of a multidisciplinary know-how, to be discovered from January 17 to 19, 2023 during Sirha. Twelve teams are preparing tirelessly in the run-up to Sirha to win first place, the gold trophy and the title of best caterer in the world! 

Which country will succeed Singapore, winner of the last edition?  

Three days of competition during which each team will reveal its creativity, technique and mastery of the catering trade. In addition to performance, the added value is also human. Determination, generosity, exchange and talent are essential qualities for each candidate to succeed in the International Catering Cup. Everyone learns to surpass themselves and to go beyond their limits for the greater benefit of international gastronomy".

Joël Mauvigney, President of the CNCT, Founding President of the International Catering Cup

The new features of the 2023 International Catering Cup

  • The coach  

This year, the coach is compulsory and considered as a member of the team. He will be evaluated in the same way as his teammates.  

  • Focus on the clerks  

A clerk will be awarded the Best Clerk Prize by the working jury.  

The subjects of the International Catering Cup

Each team will have to prepare the following dishes and present them on a plate for tasting and on a buffet:  

    Ravioles of poultry and caviar / Fingers of poultry pressé / Cocktail pieces with vegetables and caviar  
    Fish ballotines (cod, salmon and tuna) / Bites of the sea (cod, salmon, tuna and mussels) / Vol-au-vent for 6 persons with the same ingredients as the bites  
    Trilogy of pork - hot chorizo sauce with its own garnish / Each team has total freedom in the elaboration of this dish. The only obligation is to use in the recipe : pork belly, pig cheek, filet mignon of pig, iberian chorizo.
    Individual coffee progress / Chocolate coffee entremets / Chocolate coffee soufflés  

The juries of the International Catering Cup

The jurors are the guarantors of the professional qualities required to win the International Catering Cup. They are selected for their complementarities and their background. 

  • Joël MAUVIGNEY (MOF Charcutier-Traiteur), President-Founder of the competition
  • Christophe TOURNEUX (MOF Charcutier-Traiteur), President of the juries  
  • Jauffrey MAUVIGNEY (MOF Charcutier-Traiteur), Vice-president of the contest  

They are accompanied by a working jury and a tasting and presentation jury.  

The programm of the International Catering Cup

  • 10:15AM: Opening of the competition and entry of the tasting jury members  
  • 11AM: Beginning of the tasting of the 4 dishes  
  • 12PM-1PM: FISH DISH  
  • 1:15PM-2:15PM: PORK DISH  
  • 2:15PM-3:15PM: GOURMET COFFEE  
  • 3:15PM-4PM: Setting up of the products by the teams on their buffet.  
  • 4PM-4:30PM: Notation of the buffets by the jurors  
  • 4:30PM-4:50PM: Deliberation of the jury  
  • 5:30PM-6:30PM: Proclamation of the results   

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